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The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation was conceived some time ago by Laurie Miller as a way that she and her family could charitably make a positive impact on young people. Initial work began to form the Foundation in 2004, and in December of 2005 the Foundation received a private status as a 501(c)(3) organization.

On July 9th, 2009 the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation was granted full Public Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status by the I.R.S.

This non-profit status change has lead the way for many new and exciting changes for the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation is designed to lead young people and adults to become strong, financially independent adults. The experience of starting and running a business, no matter how small, introduces the principles of the American economic system. This type of entrepreneurship promotes economic freedom and the rewards of succeeding through hard work, ingenuity, and creativity.

Foundation Biographies

Laurie Miller, Founder

Laurie Miller has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1959. She led and managed hundreds of people in a manner that encouraged initiative, responsibility and leadership. These attributes are now shared with the Foundation's staff, volunteers and students who are our Young Entrepreneurs. She conceived the Foundation years ago, as she understood first hand the sense of self worth, confidence and personal independence that entrepreneurship instills in a person. She is the Chairman of the Board, leads the development of the Foundation's curriculum & programs, and oversees all of the Foundation's operations.

Colin Kaufmann, Founder

Colin Kaufmann has developed, or partnered in the development of businesses ranging from commercial finance to device & research technologies. He co-founded the Foundation with Laurie & Warren Miller and soon thereafter acquired the rights to the Warren Miller Co. - in part to support the development of the Foundation's organization and growth. He is the CEO of the Warren Miller Co. and contributes as a Director on the Board of the Foundation.

Warren Miller, co-Founder & Director

Warren Miller is considered by most to be the pioneer or god father of action sports films as his efforts were among the first to capture and share the excitement of extreme athletes. Much of what is now portrayed as extreme sports, which is a giant industry, originated from Warren's own life and entrepreneurial lifestyle as the original ski bum. He is a man who followed his interests, saw and created opportunity, and then developed and grew a business that has spanned six-decades and is known the world over. The Freedom Foundation was named in his honor, for his extraordinary life and success as an entrepreneur. Aptly incorporating the word freedom, for which was and is Warren's goal as an entrepreneur - to accomplish both economic and personal freedom. He continues to write, speak, and promote entrepreneurship and the Freedom Foundation.