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To order materials, we first ask that facilities fill out and submit an Application and Facility Agreement.

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Entrepreneurship is a keystone of successful economies. That’s why we here at the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation, want to help you educate young people and adults about the excitement and empowerment of starting their own businesses! We are a public, non-profit organization that has developed a ten lesson curriculum which is available to any group willing to host a class.

To start a program in your area, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Locate a qualified mentor to teach the class.
Potential mentors are everywhere:

community volunteers
business teachers or students

2. Provide a classroom. (Access to computers and internet is best)
Classrooms can be located in:

community centers
business/office buildings

3. Complete the application form below.
After you application is received and accepted, you only need to complete the Facilities Agreement form before the materials are sent to you for your class!

Facilities Report
Facilities Report
Facilities Agreement
Facilities Agreement

Send the completed applications and any questions or comments to:

Once the application and facilities agreement are complete, we will send you the materials for your class! The materials include lesson plans for the mentor, workbook guides, and everything else required to begin a class for adults or students ages 12-18.

Upon completion of the class, it is only required that you complete the Facilities Report summary (above) and email it back with pictures from your class. We love hearing about how well your class went and of your student's many acomplishments!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to provide students with a new and rewarding experience while developing life skills. We can’t wait to hear of your success!

Let us know how we can help. Thank you for your support!


Our Warren Miller Freedom Foundation mentors report that guiding a group of students as they develop and run a small business is an extraordinarily fulfilling and rewarding experience. Mentors come from all walks of life and do not necessarily have to be experienced businesspersons. The supplied WMFF Mentor Guide is written in a simple straightforward way that enables anyone with a strong desire to work with young people and adults to run the class. The mentor acts as a coach, encouraging progress with the businesses and sharing knowledge and activities as they move forward. Our mentors are often college students or business professionals wishing to give back to the community. Everything is prepared for the mentor in the guide and the student activity workbook.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to begin your journey enriching lives.

“My experience has been rewarding on many different levels. Delivering the Young Entrepreneur Program on behalf of the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has provided me with a platform to change the lives of young people. I’ve had the pleasure to see first hand the power of knowledge and transformation. Over the course of delivering the YE program I’ve seen youth take charge and make a commitment to success and independence. The curriculum provides the blue print for success, and once the teens begin to apply the valuable lessons to their own lives the transformation begins. The youth become empowered and develop a persona of achievement. To be part of such a powerful transformation in a teen’s life is priceless; the lessons which the Young Entrepreneurs program provides are lessons of life and success. It has been a rewarding experience to know I have been part of something so special.”

– Idris B., Lead YE Program Mentor

Would you like to be a mentor?

Do you have questions about how to get started?

Please contact us at info@warrenmiller.org and we will help you get started in your area.

We can connect you with experienced mentors who will share their successes!

Mentor Resources

Our workbooks get a lot of use!

If your students have torn out pages, used up all their forms, or simply need more room on their budget sheets for all those zeros...
Mentors, this page is for you!

Click on any of the links below to download replacement pages straight from the Entrepreneur Program Curriculum!

Media Release
Media Release
Sales Call
Sales Call
Business Ledger
Business Ledger
Marketing Survey
Marketing Survey
Time Management
Time Management
Goals Worksheet
Budget Worksheet
Net Worth
Net Worth Worksheet

Please contact us at info@warrenmiller.org if you don't see a page here that you need.
We love to hear your feedback! So, let's here it!

Send us your comments, questions, suggestions, or any other feedback on the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation's Entrepreneur Program and help us make it even better!

Young Entrepreneur Curriculum

The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation's Young Entrepreneur Program offers a ten-week curriculum aimed at giving students, grades 6-12, and the opportunity to learn how to start their own businesses! Students develop a plan, learn basic business vocabulary, discuss and practice marketing, customer service, record keeping, networking, problem solving and ethical business practices. Each class is supervised by a mentor who guides the entrepreneurs through the ten weekly lessons. Building relationships is an important part of any classroom or business and is an integral part of the Young Entrepreneur Program. Mentors keep the classroom active with hands-on experiential learning. The students are encouraged to role-play, actively challenge their classmates, research and map the business needs of their communities and, most importantly, use their talents to find a business they can enjoy and grow. Each week the students end the class with a challenge to meet a specific business goal for the upcoming week.

Students in the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation Programs start a service or sales business within the first two weeks! Thus, the classroom discussions are based on their own personal experiences. Typical classroom sessions are two hours, once a week. Students record their business progress weekly by refining their business plans, and setting new goals. The program may be offered as part of an established business curriculum or in an after school, home or community center setting.

Each session covers:

  • Goals for the week
  • Business and Journal topics for discussion
  • Business vocabulary
  • Activities based on the WMFF Student Guide
  • A weekly challenge.

Once the Young Entrepreneur students have an opportunity to market their own businesses in a safe and helpful environment, the fun begins. A new and profitable world opens up! Most young people do not get the opportunity to study entrepreneurship in their regular school curriculum. The YE program fills that gap with fun, facts and 'real world' experience. Our goal is for entrepreneurship to be a word every student understands, appreciates, and practices.

Starting a Young Entrepreneur program in your area is easy! Just click here to find out how.

Adult Entrepreneur Curriculum

Due to the overwhelming interest created by our Young Entrepreneurs Program, the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has recently developed an Entrepreneur Program for Adults! This program is also available free of charge to any organization willing to complete the application process and sponsor a class.

The Entrepreneur Program curriculum for adults follows the same pattern and format as the Young Entrepreneur Program. It is written to cover a 10 week period wherein students start a business and learn about business plans, marketing, networking, goal setting, finances, cash flow, supply and demand, contracts, employee relations and customer service. In addition, the adult program's curriculum also focuses on more advanced topics such as how to obtain permits and licenses, research and business analysis, personal budget and net worth record keeping and future business expansion. All of the above is presented by the mentors in a more detailed manner and advanced pace for adults.

Each session covers:

  • Goals for the week
  • Business topics for discussion
  • Journal topics for reflection
  • Business vocabulary
  • Activities based on the Student Guide
  • A weekly challenge

Both of our Warren Miller Freedom Foundation Programs are based on the principals that a student learns while experiencing the excitement of running a business under the supervision and encouragement of a mentor. This program is for the novice entrepreneur who wants to learn the basics and try a business at home or in his or her own neighborhood. Participants in the program are any adults with a desire to take on a new and potentially profitable challenge. Their business could be done while working at another job or it could become the new source of regular income for those willing to learn.

Sponsoring an Entrepreneur program in your area is easy! Just click here to find out how.

Success Metrics

The first Warren Miller Freedom Foundation Young Entrepreneurs class was piloted in two classes in the summer of 2004 on Orcas Island in Washington State with 20 young people. We started our classes through the YMCA after school programs in the fall of 2006 with 5 after school classes and 35 students. By the end of the school year we had a total of 21 classes in 3 sessions serving over 200 students.

The Young Entrepreneur program has formally existed since 2006 in the Seattle area. The classes are now offered through community centers, nonprofit organizations and after school programs. New students enroll each session as it is a repeated 10 week curriculum however, students are encouraged to continue with the next session to support their on-going business and reinforce the tenets of small business operation with the guidance of the mentor.

  • Class size: up to 20 (depending upon age)
  • Grades 6-12
  • Course is 10 weeks, once a week for 2 hours
  • Mentor Guide, Student Guide, and collateral provided by the Foundation
  • Mentors are college students, business professionals, or leaders from the sponsoring organization (Mentor Guide covers all that is needed to teach the program…the Mentor/Leader need not to ever have operated a business)
  • Sponsoring organizations are encouraged to include the WMFF program in their roster of classes

Since its inception in 2005, the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has provided basic business education and motivation to over 3,000 youth in Washington, Montana, and Colorado, and California. In addition, through partnerships with the YMCA, National Boys and Girls Clubs, and more locally in the Seattle Public School District as well as Montana Public Schools and community centers, the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has upcoming programs in Texas, Michigan, and Massachusetts! The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has achieved these remarkable results through a robust community-based mentor program.

*Click here to read testimonials from students who have successfully completed the Young Entrepreneur Program*

Due to the overwhelming interest created by our Young Entrepreneurs Program, the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation has recently developed an Entrepreneur Program for Adults! This program is also available free of charge to any organization willing to complete the application process and sponsor a class.

Program FAQs

What is the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation?

The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation is a public, non-profit organization that serves to provide education and resources to enable entrepreneurs to conceive, plan, and form businesses of their own in an experiential/practical curriculum. Its plan is to target various markets, empowering mentors to invest in their communities by teaching people the value of owning and operating their own business ventures with integrity, self-respect, and confidence.

What does the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation do?

The Foundation provides facilities and individuals with all of the curriculum and materials needed to conduct its Entrepreneurship Progam. This program is designed to teach basic business skills to adults and youth alike.

What does it cost?

There is a minimal cost for sponsoring organizations that simply covers printed materials! The Program is supplied at half of our production cost to qualified facilities and individuals that complete the application and facilities agreement. The sponsoring organization supplies the mentors, who are instructed and guided by the WMFF materials and its Directors.
All we ask for in return is for the sponsoring organization or mentor to supply the WMFF with a report upon conclusion of the class. We love to hear success stories and see pictures of all the entreprenuers in action!

Where are the classes?

They can be anywhere! We work with any organization willing to sponsor and staff a site and help with the recruitment and retention of students. Current programs are through the YMCA, City Programs, public schools, and other non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

When and how often are the classes offered?

The classes run in 8-10 week sessions all year long. Students are encouraged to continually take each session as they build the success of their businesses and grow their practical knowledge, they have continued support. Contact the local sponsoring facility in your area for specific class times, or, contact us to find a program in your area.

How is the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation funded?

The Foundation is predominantly supported through generous donations, family, grants, corporate supporters, and advocates. This is also coupled with fundraising efforts such as our seasonal Speaker Series Dinners.
What percentage of the profits go to the Founders?

The Foundation is 100% non-profit in that NO proceeds go to the Foundation Founders as income. This includes, but not limited to, money received from donations, auction items and merchandise sold, and special event revenue.

How do I become a mentor for Warren Miller Freedom Foundation?

Mentors for the Entrepreneur Programs are supplied by the sponsoring facility or individual. You can also apply directly to the site that is sponsoring a Young Entrepreneur class or visit the "Get Involved" section of this website to learn how to start a program in your area!

How can I become involved?

Visit the"Get Involved" section of this website or at info@warrenmiller.org.

How do I enroll my child?

Contact us at info@warrenmiller.org to find programs in your area or to learn how to bring the programs to your community.


The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation was conceived some time ago by Laurie Miller as a way that she and her family could charitably make a positive impact on young people. A life spent as an entrepreneur inspired her to develop a program that could be made available to young people without cost, from any locale or walk of life to learn the principles of entrepreneurship and business formation in an experiential curriculum. To date the program has been successfully piloted and has grown each period of its existence, having nearly 3,000 young people go through the program. Initial work began to form the Foundation in 2004, and in December of 2005 the Foundation received a private status as a 501(c)(3) organization.

On July 9th, 2009 the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation was granted full Public Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status by the I.R.S.!

This non-profit status change has lead the way for many new and exciting changes for the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Warren Miller Freedom Foundation is designed to lead young people and adults to become strong, financially independent adults in an experiential/practical curriculum. The experience of starting and running a business, no matter how small, introduces the principles of the American economic system. This type of entrepreneurship promotes economic freedom and the rewards of succeeding through hard work, ingenuity, and creativity.

The Foundation is a non-profit program that serves to provide education and resources that will enable new entrepreneurs to conceive, plan, and form businesses of their own. Its plan is to target various markets, empowering mentors to invest in their communities by teaching our students the value of owning and operating their own business ventures with integrity, self-respect, and confidence. Participation in the development and operations of a business of their own choosing, demystifies the subject for students. They leave the program with confidence, information, and life-skills that inspire future creativity and business ventures.

Foundation Biographies

Laurie Miller, Founder

Laurie Miller has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1959. She led and managed hundreds of people in a manner that encouraged initiative, responsibility and leadership. These attributes are now shared with the Foundation's staff, volunteers and students who are our Young Entrepreneurs. She conceived the Foundation years ago, as she understood first hand the sense of self worth, confidence and personal independence that entrepreneurship instills in a person. She is the Chairman of the Board, leads the development of the Foundation's curriculum & programs, and oversees all of the Foundation's operations.

Colin Kaufmann, Founder

Colin Kaufmann has developed, or partnered in the development of businesses ranging from commercial finance to device & research technologies. He co-founded the Foundation with Laurie & Warren Miller and soon thereafter acquired the rights to the Warren Miller Co. - in part to support the development of the Foundation's organization and growth. He is the CEO of the Warren Miller Co. and contributes as a Director on the Board of the Foundation.

Warren Miller, co-Founder & Director

Warren Miller is considered by most to be the pioneer or god father of action sports films as his efforts were among the first to capture and share the excitement of extreme athletes. Much of what is now portrayed as extreme sports, which is a giant industry, originated from Warren's own life and entrepreneurial lifestyle as the original ski bum. He is a man who followed his interests, saw and created opportunity, and then developed and grew a business that has spanned six-decades and is known the world over. The Freedom Foundation was named in his honor, for his extraordinary life and success as an entrepreneur. Aptly incorporating the word freedom, for which was and is Warren's goal as an entrepreneur - to accomplish both economic and personal freedom. He continues to write, speak, and promote entrepreneurship and the Freedom Foundation.